Some coffee cup in our small Zeke’s Coffee Pittsburgh

There’s just something special about a trip to the corner coffee shop. From that first whiff of freshly-brewed coffee in the morning to the familiar bustle inside, your neighborhood cafe is part of a routine you can’t imagine doing without. That’s especially true here in Pittsburgh, where we take our coffee seriously.

At Zeke’s Coffee Pittsburgh, we’ve got more than just your standard brews. We know it’s hard to stand out in a saturated coffee market, but we tackle that challenge head on with a selection of unusual coffee cups and tools that make every sip even better.

Take our unique selection of disposable cups, for example. For an affordable price, you can serve up the best cup of coffee around without the risk of breaking a dish or washing an extra dish. The variety is unparalleled too – we have sleeves tailored to multiple sizes so you can get just what you need! Plus with no mess cleanup, our cups are sure to make your next brunch party a hit.

Another aspect of our cafe that stands out are our barista tools. If you’ve ever wanted to take your coffee-making skills to the next level, now’s your chance! We offer a range of pour-over kettles and grinders – plus specially designed milk frothers and tamping wands – so that you can craft the perfect cup right at home. And if you don’t already have a machine, no worries! Our baristas are always happy to show you how all of these tools work so that you can achieve barista greatness in no time.

It doesn’t matter how you like your cup brewed – at Zeke’s Coffee Pittsburgh, we believe great coffee begins with careful preparation and attention to detail. So, come visit us at our corner shop and see what our special selection of coffee cups, tools, and accessories can do for improving your daily ritual!

Zeke’s Coffee Pittsburgh is a cozy local coffee shop that has been serving up delicious hot and cold drinks to loyal customers in the city since 1995. Nestled in the center of Pittsburgh’s bustling downtown area, Zeke’s offers patrons a great atmosphere and outstanding service. But what makes Zeke’s so special are its specialty coffee cups!

Recent visitors to Zeke’s might have noticed the one-of-a-kind ceramic designs featured throughout the shop. These cups feature portraits of prominent local figures, intricate artwork, and messages almost inviting you to take them home with you. Not only are these cups a tribute to Pittsburgh’s history and culture, but every one of them serves as an individual work of art.

The talented team at Zeke’s even engrave customers’ names on these custom-made cups for those who’d like to make the experience even more personal. This exclusive item for sale at Zeke’s is sure to get fans of the cafe grinning from ear-to-ear when they receive their own unique piece to add to their collection.

It may just be a coffee cup, but it’s a great way to add an extra touch of Pittsburgh pride and individuality to your morning cup of joe. And if you’re still unsure which cup might look best in your collection, don’t worry – there are plenty in the shop to choose from! So head over to Zeke’s Coffee Pittsburgh today and grab yourself one of these special coffee cups!