The Story of Zeke’s

Chris and Tom (owners of Zeke's PGH and Zeke's Baltimore respectively)

Zeke’s Coffee, began in Baltimore, Maryland,  and has been a family-owned and operated company since 2005. Chris Rhodes, Zeke’s grandson, opened a second roastery located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s East Liberty. Selecting only the finest available beans, and fresh-roasting each pound in a small fluid-bed roaster, Zeke’s will provide high-quality and consistently roasted coffee to the local community. Our coffee will be available via local farmers markets, CSA baskets and at the east end roastery.

We are looking forward to continuing the tradition started by Chris’ Uncle in Baltimore and becoming part and partner with the community.

3 responses to “The Story of Zeke’s

  1. We were there in B’more in 2005, lining up every Sunday at the market for coffee, chatting with Tom and family…. and then every Saturday at the Waverly market too…. A familiar logo and site to us now that we are in PGH…. Congratulations Chris on the new business…Looking forward to supporting you!

  2. Hello Pittsburgh,
    You are lucky to have the Zene bean in your local businesses.I am a Zeke’s fan living in Baltimore, the mother land of Zekes. It is the best coffee on the east coast and would stand up to any Seattle brew. Everyone has to go and try their blends. Baltimoreans stand in long lines on cold mornings for the aroma and a hot sip. Next time I am in the “burgh” I will be sure to stop in for a pound and a cup. Love the Pittsburgh logo too.. And to be sure, I live in Baltimore but my blood runs black and gold.
    Best regards, Dana

  3. To the World-at-Large:

    I am a coffier, and Chris Rhodes of Zeke’s is the best damn coffee specialistI have found yet. The variety and quality of his hand selected and small batch roasted beans is truely exceptional. At the Pittsburgh location, Chris personally roasts each and every batch with his well trained and highly experienced eyes, nose and taste buds. The quality of his product speaks for itself. Having experienced daily several diifferent beans in a French press over a recent two month stint in Pittsburgh my highest hope is that mail order is possible. Well, is it?

    Big, Highly Appreciative and Grateful Fans,

    Bud and Fran Yablonsky
    North Haledon, New Jersey

    is possible. W


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